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Forums & Reviews

Just a few notes on the Forums and Reviews critiques before you begin to read any of the materials provided.

Forums and Reviews are the type of event which gives everyone who is qualified to comment, the opportunity to put forward evidence to support their claim(s)

The real truth is they are frequently just opportunities for the pro-fluoride establishment to 'manage' the daming evidence against them and to manuipulate or misreport the findings that ensue.

Essentially, they are 'damage-control' exercises. The pro-fluoride lobby knows it does not have a leg to stand on, so it sometimes arranges one of these Forums, or Reviews, in an attempt to cement it's own misrepresentations of the truth. Got good evidence of the damage that can be caused by fluoride? Have a Review (or hold a Forum), get credible scientists (and their like) to submit their work, then find a way to either overlook it, falsely misrepresent it, or just discredit it without any valid argument to justify that action.

With all of this in mind, we present this collection of critiques to the reader.